15 September 2013

Missing Summer

Though we had a few warm days this past week, it's hard not to feel like summer is pretty much on its last legs. Leaves are changing, October 1st leases are being signed, the Jewish High Holidays have come and gone, I saw my breath today, and by golly it's actually soup weather. Starting up work on Monday has gotten me into hyperdrive, feeling very "back-to-schooly" lately. All this excitement for fall has me nostalgic for the summer - so here are some photos for reflecting from my most recent trip to Michigan. Sigh, I'm already looking forward to the next time I can eat at Oink's, grill hot dogs from Falatic's, and go for walks on the beach with a mug of coffee in hand.

A backyard fire in Grand Rapids, MI
Kevin and Andrew at the Pool
Not from Michigan, but still summer. Lounging by a Chicago Public pool
Us at Cherry Beach
Beach time at Cherry Beach
Andrew at Oink's
Cones at Oink's
Cherry Beach
Morning walk on the beach

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