20 September 2013

The Dodos at Lincoln Hall

UntitledThat time I told the Dodos drummer he reminded me of QB1 Matt Saracen.

Last night, Audrey and I went to see the Dodos at Lincoln Hall, and it was seriously a dream. I feel like we floated on a cloud, to the front row, where we had a religious experience not unlike the ecstasy of Saint Theresa. We danced, we sang, we thrashed around a little, all while drinking delicious beers and screaming "QB1" at the drummer who I am convinced looks just like Matt Saracen. We indulged ourselves and got our records signed by the band, where we had a "they're just like us" moment upon learning that they are just as engrossed in the Breaking Bad finale as the rest of America, and the drummer watches and loves FNL. The Dodos in addition to be amazing performers, are just normal dudes who enjoy beers and television.

If you haven't already, check out their latest album, Carrier. It's super sad, but beautiful, and also available on Spotify!

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