23 October 2013

On Balance

Y'all, let me start with a confession: I love Eat, Pray, Love. The movie. I read the book last year, so I know the "source material" yet I wasn't the biggest fan of the literary original - but dear god, do I love watching this movie. I remember the first time I saw it, I was tickled at how much I liked it, fully anticipating that my Chungking Express loving, film-snob thesis writing self would find the movie deplorable, but no. I loved it, I love it, and I will probably always love it. The film is so easy to digest, full of light, color, and Italian carbs (not to mention plenty o' hotties).

But I digress. My confession to loving this movie is tangential really. A huge part of the book and movie is the quest for Elizabeth Gilbert to seek and find balance for herself. She spends her "journey" searching for "her word" and along the way, eats her weight in pizza and pasta, bones a hottie in Bali, and earns the nickname "Groceries" from the dad from Six Feet Under, yes I just gave you a really solid synopsis. But beyond the plot line, the search for balance is at the core of the journey - and I'll be damned if I didn't finish the movie yesterday night being like "You go girl!" and "I want a piece of that balance pie!"

Yesterday was the first day in a long-ass-time that I think I found that sort of balance. I went to work, I worked out (lunch crunch TM), I went to the grocery store, I made myself delicious chicken piccata, I spent a solid hour and a half working with my hands on Halloween costume things, and I managed to get some reading done before manufacturing Zzzs. I woke up this morning feeling satisfied by my super-human productivity, stoked about the leftover chicken piccata I will be eating for lunch, pumped that I am working toward training for my 5K, excited by how fabulous my costume looks, feeling on top of the world.

I guess my big light bulb above the head moment was that balance is attainable, and to take a chapter from Emma's book... I think I need to be working with my hands more. Whether that's painting, chopping, sculpting, cooking, drawing, what have you, I need to find the time to let my hands do what they will do.

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  1. Confession. I LOVE THIS MOVIE TOO! :p
    Every time I watch it, I want to be back in Italy eating all its delicious food.