29 October 2013

Our Costume!


Here's the finished product of our Gallagher and a smashed watermelon costume. Folks kept asking me at the party how I made my costume, so I thought I'd share with you my "process" over here. Disclaimer, I can't sew - at least not with a sewing machine, so this was all pretty much made with a hot glue gun, scissors, and a shapeless dress from Forever21.

For my costume, I started with a green dress. I painted both the back and front with two kinds of fabric paint to create the striped pattern. Each side had to dry separately, so I had to budget time for this. The innards of the watermelon were four shades of tulle and pink painted papier mache pieces - all of which I glued on with a hot glue gun. The head piece was made of the same materials, glued onto a headband a la the Rookie Crown method. The seeds were made out of black sequins. All in all, it came out pretty awesome. Highly conceptual, yet cute, right?

For his costume, he went to American Apparel and bought a striped shirt and rainbow suspenders (goal: figure out how to work rainbow suspenders into a day-to-day look). The wig was from the party store, the hat, not even sure, and the mustache was all his (I colored it in with my eyeliner). The crown jewel of the costume was the sledgehammer - I made it out of a donut box from Longman & Eagle and a wrapping paper tube, which I papier mached and painted with acrylic paint. It was truly a labor of love!!

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