09 October 2013

Phantom(s) of the Opera

Hotties at the opera! Untitled

Upon entering a raffle at my new company, I was struck with a bout of beginner's luck - winning two free tickets to the opening night of "Otello" at the Lyric Opera Chicago. This past Saturday night, Andrew and I donned our best attire, pushed our way through thunder and lightening, to our gorgeous mezzanine seats.

Can I just declare my love for the Lyric Opera house? Its rich history and gorgeous architecture, I am drooling thinking about it. The acoustics cannot be beat, and then there's the plush red velvet,glittering gold gilding, beautiful hand painted detailing - the entire experience truly lived up to my favorite art history term, as a gesamptkunstwerk - a total work of art. From start to finish, our senses were stimulated, the lush beauty of the building, the sounds of the orchestra and singers, taking in the costumes of both the guests and performers alike. We noshed on little treats at intermission, washing them down with champagne, and were even photographed by an event photographer! Having spent years working events for the museum, it was such a treat to be on the other side, as a guest. I almost wanted to announce that I have arrived!

A thousand thank yous to my office and to the Lyric for making this opportunity possible. I know my handsome date and I will not forget this wonderful experience! Grazie mille!

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