11 October 2013

This Weekend

Welp, we made it to the weekend (woohoo!), and this is how I feel now that the weekend is here.

My "major" plans include the following:

- Jogging / Walking at least two miles
- Unpacking (goal, finish ALL of my boxes)
- Kitchen organization!!!
- Laundry
- Brunch with Dad and Andrew at Publican
- Picking up my feminism book at my neighborhood library
- Double date after party at the Art Institute
- Make a giant pot of Cuban black beans
- Teaching myself to use my rice cooker

And now for my random thoughts on this week:

  • This story is just lovely. In light of the government shutdown, it's nice to know some people love our country enough to see through the BS and take care of our monuments. Raise the roof to this dude!
  • Andrew and I made a non-vegan version of this (light on the parm cheese), and it was one of the most delicious, cheap, and filling things I have eaten in ages.
  • What are your thoughts on the guy who planned his wife's surprise/dream wedding all from her Pinterest? 
  • Who wants to see Gravity as badly as I do?
  • Everyone should stop what they're doing and watch the new documentary Blackfish - it was stunning and thought provoking.

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