25 October 2013

This Weekend

You guyssssz it's the weekend, well almost... And it's a good weekend indeed! There is so much good stuff on my roster, I don't even know where to begin. Obligatory list, commence.

- Running home to paint a papier mache sledgehammer
- Adding tulle and sequins to my watermelon dress
- Seeing Desaparecidos at the Metro tonight
- Getting my haircut at Penny Lane... feeling like maybe I will go Rosemary's Baby
- Making treats for a Halloween party (mummy dogs, Halloween crispy cereal treats, my "famous" spinach dip, pumpkin hummus
- Attending said Halloween Party
- Recovering from said Halloween Party
- Still unpacking...
- Turkey dinner at my Dad's

And now, for some obligatory photos from Halloween's past...

That time I dressed as a Tamagochi
That time I dressed as Bjork in the swan dress and drew on my own Bjork tattoo in Sharpee
Cutest sisters ever.
J-Lo, Dorothy, ???,  Blink-182 Nurse
Bride and Rapunzel? Who knows. It was the 90s,
Tamagotchi and Andy Warhol. Duh.

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