01 November 2013

For Your Health

A little update on how my newly forming workout practice is going. I've gone to the gym three days a week for the last four weeks (check my Four Square for evidence, yo). I've worked out with my trainer once a week as part of my regiment - and we've focused on shoulders, chest, tricep, bicep, my legs, and core. I hate all core workouts involving that big inflatable ball. I've discovered that a few pieces of the equipment are simply TOO big for my little body. I'm also pretty awesome at planks, and in the last two days, I've been able to run for 1/2 a mile, without stopping or getting winded. This is a major milestone for me. I hated running, especially in gym class. I've long tried to make myself like running, and wound up injuring myself in 2009 - only to discover that I have flat feet, and need better orthopedic support.

As far as eating goes... this parts been a little bit trickier. I'm trying not to overdo it with drinks and snacks, but dear god, Halloween was a doozy. Also, I go to the movies a lot, and resisting popcorn when the air smells so delightfully popcorny is immensely hard! Beyond that, I've still been diligent about bringing my lunch, making my own breakfast, and trying to eat in more. Beans are my new best friend, for reals.

My FitBit Flex should arrive in the mail tonight, I am super stoked to start counting my steps, but already I am noticing differences in my energy level, my overall strength, my appetite, and my determination to set goals, work toward them, and achieve them.

It also dawned on me that I will be running OUTSIDE in Chicago winter weather for the Ditka Dash on November 30th - so I need to begin practicing running outside. Tomorrow I'm going to give it a shot, but a little treat-yo-self trip is probably in order for some winter outdoor running gear (amirite?).

Any recommendations for workouts, recipes, or workout gear is welcome - as well as words of encouragement. But seriously, I am feeling so good these days!

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