08 November 2013

This Weekend

OMG - This ad campaign for the new show at the Art Institute actually made me LOL as I passed it walking home from the train last night. Lord knows, I needed a laugh after... dry heaving at the gym from a workout that was too hard for me! No worries, chunks weren't blown - but I know what kind of work I have cut out for me. Feeling like Rocky, or something.

I am feeling really ambitious, but also incredibly realistic about this weekend. Not going to overdue anything. Pacing is everything, relaxation is necessary.

- Going to the Art and Appetite cocktail reception tonight with Ben. I feel very lucky to be his +1 because so many influential Chicago chefs will be working it! (ahem Bill Kim, Graham Elliot, Paul Kahan, Carrie Nahabedian... to name a few)
- Volunteering at the Chicago Humanities Fest talk at... the Art Institute of Chicago (yes, this is my life)
- Attending the Rick Bayless Chicago Humanities fest talk on Sunday
- Family dinner Sunday night
- ...maybe shopping for paint for my bedroom
- Hopefully weatherproofing my windows!
- Jogging outside, actually doing it this weekend

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