04 December 2013

Baby's First 5K

Baby's first 5K

I did it! I successfully participated in my first 5K! And it wasn't as bad or dreadful as I thought it would be. I know, you are probably thinking, what's the big idea? What could be so awful about Sandy doing a 5K?? But the truth of it is, I am not an athlete (shoutout to Mindy Kaling for also not being an athlete!). In fact, up until the last month or so, I pretty much loathed the idea of running/jogging. But I've been working out three to four days a week, walking my little tail around the city, and it is paying off. I know I am not the fastest runner, but the fact that I signed up, "trained", followed through, participated, and FINISHED is a huge milestone for me. Doing a 5K has been on my bucket list, and by golly I accomplished it!

The Ditka Dash was the perfect event for a newb to the racing game. It was very (I mean incredibly) well-organized. Picking up the packets, getting my shirt, and attending race day was absolutely seamless, thanks to the hardworking coordinators and volunteers.

The day of the race was absolutely gorgeous, mid-40's and sunny, the most wonderful weather to be running along the lakefront. Mari, Mo, Charlie and I met up for the race, and Mo & Charlie did the race with great speed and alacrity. Mari and I took our time, jogging half and speed walking the other half. My goal was to complete it in under 45 minutes, and I did it in 41! We were rewarded with beers and fruit snacks. But beyond completing my goal and drinking beers in a faux mustache, I enjoyed the wonderful Chicago pride that pulsated among the runners. Everyone was SO into the Ditka theme, I felt like a bit of an impostor! Chicago is such a wonderful city, and to be running with a crowd of people who just plain love Da Coach, toward the gorgeous sunny skyline took my breath away. I highly suggest doing a 5K in Chicago, and this one was super duper fun.

I'm up for doing another one (in under 41 minutes), if anyone has any suggestions or wants to be my running buddy!


  1. I'll do another with you, peanut! The Shamrock shuffle is always a good one to start off the spring running season. Good job, proud of you!

    1. YAY! Okay, and Andrew will also be participating. I was debating doing the 2014 Polar Run but it's a 10K, not sure if I will be in confident running shape for that one. You and Charlie KILLED IT. Two 5Ks in 48 hours AND really fast times. I was in awe.

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