18 December 2013

Oh, Baby I Love Your Way

Last week, Andrew and I went to two different in-store performances at Logan Hardware and Bric A Brac - some of our favorite record stores in Chicago. Our life last week began to resemble pages of High Fidelity, not the sad ones, but the cool ones. The pages about hanging out in record stores, pouring over bins of records, listening to bands I've never heard of, having records signed, feeling cool and involved in something greater than myself. It was really really fun, and not to mention, free!

Dikes of Holland Wailing via Spin Magazine
Monday night we saw Dikes of Holland and The Wet play at Bric A Brac. Strange to be at a tiny, loud, DIY style show on a Monday after work - but the girl Liz from Dikes of Holland was adorable, could wail her heart out, and they were from Austin. Basically, everything I hear and see from Austin makes me think I would love Austin. Texas, I think I am visiting you this year.

Ricky B via the Reader
Saturday afternoon was a pretty magical experience. We saw Ricky B perform at Logan Hardware - and he was backed by a Chicago brass band. It was so so so cool. I'm talking interesting, love-filled NOLA rap backed by the sounds of a local brass band. The whole thing was so strange and wonderful that I couldn't help but smile the entire performance. He had us throwing our hands in the air, chanting "one love", and oh my goodness, the energy was unreal.  After the performance, Andrew and I met Ricky B (nicest dude), and he signed a record for us! Buzzing from good music and good vibes, we found ourselves playing pinball and Donkey Kong in the video game museum in the back of Logan Hardware. Such a good afternoon!

Ricky B and the brass band photo cred Andrew
I highly suggest picking his record up, it's fabulous. Take a listen to Shake It Fo Yo Hood, and try not to bounce a little.

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