13 December 2013

This Weekend

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- Office holiday party tonight
- Sleeping in and brunch making
- Finishing the last bit of holiday shopping (strict budget!)
- Three holiday parties on Saturday
- Making spinach dip
- Reading another memoir
- Moving my bed away from my window

This is the first year that I am not celebrating the holidays with my Art Institute fundraising team - and boy am I feeling it! We had one of the most epic holiday grab bag stealing gift exchanges ever, on top of having a generally rowdy time together. Tonight's affair with my new team will probably be way less rowdy, but I am bringing Andrew as my date, and I think we will go out for a night on the town afterwards! Do I smell Rainbo Club and Picante? Tomorrow will involve a crazy amount of holiday parties, I actually suggested we make an itinerary for the evening, because I am Type A. What are you doing for the holidays? I can't believe December is already halfway through!

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