20 December 2013

This Weekend

Christmasssssss Presentsssss via source
- Taking the dreaded GRE (been putting this off since 2009). Also for your reading pleasure, the rules I have to follow for tomorrow's test. Some highlights: 1) I can't bring a phone into the building, 2) I cannot wear a digital watch, 3) I might be fingerprinted, thumbprinted, videotaped, or photographed, 4) I cannot bring a firearm with me, 5) my hat, scarf, coat are all subject to inspection. And you wonder why I have been putting this off...
- Leaving for Michigan right after my test! Stopping for snacks and beer along the way!
- Grand Rapids for drinks and dinner!
- Seeing the MSU campus and hopefully seeing the beautiful new Broad Art Museum
- Meeting a cute baby!
- Brewery tours on Monday!
- Christmas presents and Christmas treats with Andrew and his family
- Jewish xmas dinner in Chinatown on the 25th!
- Working on my application for my dream school :)

Can't wait to don my Christmas apparel!

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