02 January 2014

Books I Read // Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee

I'm going through a "phase" where I am reading memoirs written by comedic women. Maybe it's part of an overarching effort to add humor to my life, or maybe I am just looking for a role model of sorts. But man, Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee was exactly what I needed to read when I read it. A confession: I have not been on the Sarah Silverman bandwagon until very recently. I never really found her funny, in fact, I found her gross and strange and irritating, and for some reason it really bothered me that she would joke about her own Jewishness. But then I watched her recent HBO special, and something clicked. She is smart, and witty. She knows what she is doing. She is a hardworking woman, with plenty to say, and a creative vision that I am just now learning to appreciate. I am a Sarah Silverman convert - and I owe it to this book.

To start, Bedwetter is incredibly well-written. Additionally, it is well-edited. The book felt concise and organized, to the point where I didn't want it to end. It moves in pretty chronological order, and offers insights into Silverman's struggle with depression (woop therapy for all!), as well as how she started her career as a comedian at age 19 in New York. I like that I can read this book and be inspired by how hard she worked to get where she is today. But also, the girl has major cojones. She speaks her mind, stands her ground, but does it so gosh damn articulately, that it just works. In short, she tends to get what she wants, because she knows what she wants and is willing to work (and fight) for it.

The book is not only full of funny stories and strange confessions, but filled with email conversations between her and her editor, and letters between her writing/production team on the Sarah Silverman Program and her bosses at Comedy Central that display wit, humor, a sense of self, a voice, and a fight from within her that is so fierce, it just made me want to put the book down to start saying YES to the things that need to be "yes-ed" and NO to all of the things that need to be "NO-ed".

If anything, this book made me want to be my best possible self, and to move through the world with wonder and grace, while still finding poop and fart humor funny. I know it's within me!

For more on my new-girl-crush Sarah, listen to her in conversation on By the Way and the JV Club. Girl can preach!

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