06 January 2014


Well today is cold, I mean very cold. It's -45 with the windchill, and a lot of people are off from work. But I suited up, trudged my way through snow and ice, and made it into work today because I'm a survivor, and brownie points (take that Corporate America!). On my top half, I wore four layers, on my bottom, two. It does feel cold, like Day After Tomorrow, frozen snot, hurts to breathe cold. But there's something really awesome about knowing I walked a mile in this weather, and will be doing it again tonight. Do I wish I was at home watching movies and throwing boiling pots of water into the air? Yeah, I do. But also, I got to ride the train with a car full of survivors, who put their warmest gear on and weathered the storm. Chicago, you are a weird place, especially on days like today, though -15 still looks alright on you.

As a gum drop to get me through today, I am planning on making tacos for dinner. I mean a taco fiesta, with a whole taco bar of things to top my tacos with. Andrew and I are going to eat as many tacos as humanly possible, while planting ourselves in front of another movie on our massive to-watch list. I can almost taste the avocado now...

The river was warmer than the air, so it was steaming. 

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