27 January 2014

Containing Myself

This weekend was one of those weekends that was simultaneously lazy and hyper-productive. I was able to practice the art of saying "No" on Friday night when I opted to stay in and catch up with my sister and manufacture some serious Z's. After all, Saturday was to involve baking two dozen cupcakes from scratch, eating tacos, going to the Container Store and Blick for all sorts of "life-enhancing" supplies, and a birthday bash.

Truth: Saturday was super nice but from the second I finished brunch, I felt stressed! I was on the move from noon until noon again running errands, baking, and cleaning, that in my frenzied state two super funny things happened. I share them, to prove that my life on my blog, as tailored and perfect as it may seem, is actually full of clumsy embarrassing moments of stupidity on my part.

Saturday, I went to Blick to buy stretcher bars, canvas, and paint, cuz I can't be Picasso Gentileschi without art supplies. I grabbed my wooden bars, put them in my canvas bag at checkout, then mozied over to the Container Store in search of my much-needed coat tree. I found the box, which was taller than I was, and as I made my way to the register, proceeded to bump into every person and container in my path. I looked like an idiot, and knew right then that I would not be walking a half mile to the bus, then riding the bus with a giant Sandy-sized box in tow. Container Store: 1. Sandy: 0.

When I got home, I went into full-on baking mode with the objective to make 24 chocolate cupcakes for my best bud from college. Things were going smoothly, I managed to not eat all of the cake batter before putting it into the cupcake tins. I opened the oven slowly, glad it was the correct temperature, ready to have my house smell amazing. When, BOOM! I drop the cupcakes face down onto the hot oven door. Gooey sticky chocolaty chaos ensued. Cleaning it up was an absolute disaster, my cupcakes were beyond repair, and I had to think of something quickly. I wound up baking a layer cake and making MORE batter, it was all fine, and the cake was adored by all. But, Cupcakes: 1. Sandy: 0.

Yesterday I managed to sleep late, buy scented candles, eat hot wings, go shopping at the Container Store (again), build my coat tree (pictured below), carve out some counter space, get laundry done, and make kale pesto lunch because I have as many hours in a day as Beyonce I give myself. All in all, even though I made a gigantic mess of the kitchen and I looked like an idiot in public multiple times, I kept going like Rocky training montages, and made my weekend happen right. I'm feeling like I can take this week by storm, and it feels so effing good.

Before I got this tall spice rack, we had even less counter space. 
I am willing to challenge my kitchen to a storage duel, and win. 

Oh haiiiii coat tree. You look so good with my coat on you.

Unf, chicken cutlets, kate pesto, all of it. Yum.

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