28 January 2014

I'm A Hot (Coffee) Mess

After feeling like I can have it all in yesterday's post, my haste to celebrate was trumped by a loss to coffee. That's right, Coffee:1. Sandy: 0. I'm going to blame it mostly on myself, and partly on the Polar Vortex 2.0 (go away you are not welcome here). But here's the where the real damage lies:

One coffee soaked journal, and one coffee soaked book (that I was really enjoying!). 

I arrived to work this morning feeling all "Take that Polar Vortex!" wanting to throw punches into the air, sip my coffee, and dig into my oatmeal, only to discover that my bag was full of semi-liquid / semi-frozen, coffee, and that I am truly a clumsy idiot. Re: I spill cupcake batter onto oven doors, and bruise easily.

The moral of my story is, don't put a thermos full of hot coffee into your messenger bag unless it is completely sealed. Or better, yet, don't do it at all. A confession: this is the second time I have done this, and it look me leaking all over myself in public twice to realize that maybe I shouldn't be transporting liquids ever. Lesson learning aside, after ordering a new (used) copy of this, ahem, borrowed book, I am on the market for a new notebook / journal / diary / confessional time capsule. Do you have any recommendations for me? This one was a big Moleskine notebook, but I'd like to see what else is out there, just gotta have something for jotting, drawing, and gluing random quotes / obituaries in.

Thanks for your morale support, you're welcome for the laughs.


  1. I've found a good fix for preventing coffee-in-bag accidents is to put your (tightly sealed) thermos inside of a Ziploc bag.

    1. Clearly you drink coffee, commute, and care about books.


    2. I am quite the notebook collector AND a huge fan of binding my own. For purchase, I suggest Muji (of course...) The main image of the set of colored notebooks are simple, cute and perfect for having a notebook devoted to different things: http://www.muji.us/store/stationery/notebooks.html

      Also, a huge fan of gridded notebooks lately, such as : http://fab.com/product/cahier-squared-xl-blue-set-of-3-409756/?ref=sr-p76&pref[]=search%7Cnotebooks&pos=15

      Hope that helps!

    3. I have that set of Muji notebooks (bought at MoMA years ago) and just ran out!!! Gridded notebooks... now that's a thought!


    I really like these, bc if you're trying to draw super freeform there are no gridlines to distract you. I still use my moleskine but if I needed a new journal I'd be getting a rhodia. http://rhodiapads.com/collections_boutique_webnotebook_dotgrid.shtml

    1. Rhodias are SO pretty! Maybe I will use the remainder of my Blick gift card on one of those. Unf that bright orange, how could I not?