04 January 2014

Put Things Into Perspective

So I'm reading this book that Andrew gave me for Chrismukkah. It's a Holocaust book, written by a survivor of Auschwitz, and all I can say is that 1) I can't put it down, and 2) this book is really helping me to put things into perspective. In today's reading session, I found out that Viktor only had one pair of shoes. One pair of shoes to work in, walk in, live in. No socks. Just a pair of leather shoes, that had to weather snow, mud, cold, the elements. And here I am, Miss two-pairs-of-Hunter boots, one pair of Uggs, and all of my "fashion boots". I am fortunate, I am not in need. This book is very good and very serious. It is truthful and helpful. I think everyone should read it.

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  1. I was crying about work last night and Jonny spoke gently about all the things I had to be grateful for: friends, traveling, close family, an abundance of food and happy times ... definitely put things in perspective for me!