24 January 2014

This Weekend

My goal for this weekend is to decompress. It's the first weekend since... July that I'm not studying for the GRE or prepping for my grad school application, which means I'm going to be productive and relax a little bit! I made a gigantic (seriously, massive) list of things I'd like to accomplish in the next few weeks/months and I think if I chip away at it little by little, the list will get done. To ring in the weekend, here's my favorite thing on the Internet today! All of Linda Belcher's "Alrights." Pretty sure this video was made to make me insanely happy.

- Tonight, I'm making this tortilla soup with new friends
- Going to the Container Store to purchase this coat tree
- Going to Blick to purchase the goods to stretch a canvas and begin my first painting in years!
- Finally going to install some plastic on our windows
- Baking these cupcakes for a friend's birthday (because he deserves Martha Stewart cupcakes)
- Yoga / stretches / something of the sort
- Laundry, all of the laundry
- Girls on Sunday!

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