14 January 2014

Top Six Picks: December 2013


Spike Jones' Her
Was it the best movie I saw of 2013? Naw. But was it one of my favorites? Absolutely. This film took a look at the redefinition of non-traditional relationships. This is the story of meeting people online taken to the next level as Theodore, lovingly played by Joaquin Phoenix, begins to date his OS (operating system). Watching this "couple" fall in love, and the creative ways in which they make dating possible is cleverly brought to life from the strange and whimsical brain of Spike Jones (all hail Spike). I didn't love the ending (felt a little cop-outy), but I thought the quiet moments were profoundly quiet, Chris Pratt was a goof, the attention to architecture and interior design was perfection. Also, can we please bring high waisted pants to the forefront of fashion? Also, this movie was funny. Like made me laugh hard, funny. Do yourself a favor, go see it! Laugh, drool over LA of the future, then come home, unplug, and squeeze the ones you love the most, because you can.


Dark Horse Brewing Co.
Andrew and I visited Dark Horse over our Christmas break, and loved every second of it. Good beer, mugs everywhere, no bullshit vibe. If you are on that side of Michigan, role into Dark Horse, try a blueberry stout, and fantasize about moving to Michigan because beaches, beer, and blueberries.


Newly/Annual Jewish Christmas Tradition
2013 marks the second year that I have gone to Chinatown for Christmas, and I think two years in a row makes for tradition status. Last year we went for Dim Sum brunch, this year we did dinner. My only suggestion for this is to make reservations, and don't go too hungry, because food takes some time to hit your table. But Chinese food and bottles of Tsing Tao are the official palate cleanser from candy canes, gravy, ham, and whatever heavy American holiday food we've been eating for weeks on end.
2012 Reppin' pork buns at Ming hing
2013 drinking Asia brews and waiting on dinner


Sarah Silverman's Bedwetter
Loved this book, no further words. Just read my earlier review, and then read the damn book.


Who Charted podcast
Hellooooooooooo Kulap!!!! I am your KuKu and this is your WeeWee. Chart Exclusive: Andrew has turned me on to the beauty of podcasts, because beyond my weekly This American Life sesh, I didn't really get the point of them? This from the girl who doesn't understand how to use Hulu, and who recently discovered Spotify. Who Charted is a podcast of two friends who are both complete weirdos (I see you Howard Kremer) talking about movie and music charts, while somehow integrating stories about their day-to-day lives. I know it doesn't sound like it makes a lot of sense, but I seriously jump for joy the moment a new episode airs.


Hamilton Beach personal blender
I was gifted this single-size blender for Chrismukkah, and I am obsessed with it. I've already made dressing, and a variety of disgusting-Exorcist-vomit-colored delicious kale smoothies. This thing is compact, easy to clean, and easy to use to the point where I am actually eating more fruits and veggies. If you're on the market for a blender but don't want to commit to something massive/expensive, get one of these.

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