08 January 2014

"You Have the Same Amount of Hours In A Day as Beyonce" - Sweaty Wisdom

Via Sweaty Wisdom

Lately, I've found myself muttering these words every morning in the shower. Bleary eyed, figuring out how I am going to tackle the day (thanks dark, freezing, Midwestern mornings, you're a peach). I keep thinking "there's just not enough time" - not enough time to work out, maintain/sustain friendships, finish books, blog, cook meaningful meals, unwind, visit all of the exhibitions currently on display, write my grad school essay... the list, oh the never ending beast of a list, it goes on.

But Chris of Sweaty Wisdom fiercely penned the above sentence, and it has become my mantra. I have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce. I have 24 hours to do what I will with them, and I should not squander them away. If I want to paint or doodle, I can find the hours or minutes to paint or doodle. If I want to try that new recipe, I can find the time to make that new recipe. If I am feeling crabby because I no longer have time to have breakfast in the morning, I can wake up fifteen minutes early and make myself a smoothie, so thick and full of kale and carrots, that I have to eat it with a spoon. 

The time is out there, I just need to give it to myself. I don't need to let my Netflix autoplay that next episode of Breaking Bad (... but it's SO good), and I don't need to hit snooze over and over again in the morning. I don't need to sleep in every weekend, and I don't need to spend every lunch break glued to my work computer. Finding the time for myself is going to be one of the things that frees me from this numbing day-to-day "What is my life?" and "Does my life have meaning?" menacing feeling that has been on my back for weeks months. I'm going to teach myself to budget my time, every single day until I find the fulfillment and satisfaction I know I deserve. 

*As a side note, the lovely Chris of the aforementioned Sweaty Wisdom is an amazing and inspiring lady. She started her own business, born of mantras and meditations she penned after especially inspirational yoga sessions, hence the name Sweaty Wisdom. You can find more of her badass mantras and even some beautifully designed inspirational mugs and decor on her Etsy. Like why wouldn't you want this hanging in your bedroom to greet you on the daily?


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    1. Staying at your adorable apartment, and seeing you work-from-home space was so eye-opening. You have such an amazing business, and you built it for yourself from the ground up. I want to do my own thing, for me. Stop being so inspiration. No wait, don't stop.


  2. I am sooo going to treat my brother's gf to one of those!! She loves workout wisdom!!! :)