14 February 2014

All Is Full of Love

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my friends and people! 

I've been feeling pretty loving lately, surrounding myself with supportive and loving people, and doing more things in the pursuit of self-love. Between baking my heart into a big golden loaf of Nutella banana bread last night, staying in and reading a good book, doing an absurd amount of squats and push-ups, treating myself to some delicious lip balm, focusing on some future plans, I'd say I have self-love in the bag. As for everyone around me who has read a writing sample, written me a recommendation, asked about applications, ordered me take out, paid for my brunch, squeezed me fresh juice, took me out for dinner, invited me to art things, read my blog, sent me postcards, emails, and texts full of emojis... THANK YOU. I love you all very much, you know who you are, you are great, and you make waking up and getting out of bed this god-forsaken-winter worth it. Even if you are spending Valentine's Day without a lover, know that all is full of love. It's all around us, give a little, get a little.


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