27 February 2014

I Am Not a Sheep

I have been going to Pitchfork Music Festival since it started here in Chicago back in 2005 when it was called Intonation Festival (I am getting old). And I'll tell ya with complete honesty, because this blog is a "safe space" that for a majority of the hours spent at the festival, I hadn't a clue as to who I was seeing, what I was doing, or what was even going on. You read that correctly. I have been shelling out hundreds of dollars to this festival, and have maybe spent a handful of time at the show enjoying performances. In truth, I was going to "see and be seen," catching up with lots of out-of-town friends, drinking (sup Sparks, watermelon lemonade, endless flasks), stuffing my maw with black bean burgers and corn dogs, whizzing in Porto-O-Johns and generally disliking the entire experience.

Me  in 2011 drinking beer whilst whizzing in a bikini top and flowing "Pitchfork" skirt. Ugh.
After nearly a decade of this nonsense, I have decided it must come to an end. No, I'm not not attending. Rather, I am reclaiming Pitchfork one band at a time. That's right. I am systematically listening to every single band in the lineup and deciding whether or not I want to see them. In educating myself, I am breaking out of my habit of playing a sheep, being herded by my flask-wielding friends. I'm not going to spend my money or time at the festival unconstructively for the first time ever, and can I just say this is incredibly empowering? I'm sampling music, learning about bands, deciding what I like for myself, and doing it with just the right amount of structure. Everyone should do this, or maybe every type-A person attending a music festival should do it?

Let's just say that I am currently obsessed with DIIV, Circulatory System, the Julie Ruin, and Beck's new album. I'm a little hesitant to dive into hip hop and electronic, because those are both out of my comfort zone, as you can see on my chart. Funny right? Out of curiosity, anyone else on the blogosphere attending? Any bands you would recommend or not recommend from the list thus far?

Thanks, and happy listening!


  1. I saw Sharon Van Etten in Iowa after I broke up with Stephen and it was magical. I always meant to send you her album. I don't listen to it as much because I'm not a sad sad brokenheart, but I still love it.

  2. Oh! And I love Kendrick Lamar. But you know that already probably. Pusha T is really fun, too.

    1. Which Sharon Van Etten album was the one that moved you? How is she live? Magical really?? I am taking my time with Kendrick Lamar, hip hop is something I feel like I need to be present for. I want to listen to the lyrics and understand what's being said as opposed to the more ambient dreamy stuff I normally listen to. Thanks for recommending, Lexie!