20 February 2014

One Year

Without getting too sappy or sentimental, I just wanted to give a quick shout out to a special someone who mustered up the courage to ask me to be his a year ago today. I remember we made a pot of chili in my Julia Child orange Le Creuset, we were in my studio apartment, and Otis Redding was playing. And here we are, a year later, still standing together. 

Andrew, thank you for a year of impromptu dates, thermos wine, hot wings and hot dogs, art openings, films, new recipes, new restaurants, football and hockey, farmer's markets, scrambled eggs, Micheladas and Rhinelanders, late night burritos, dog sitting, chicken liver mousse, trips to faraway places, museums, sushi, comedy shows, concerts, naps, camping, Instagramming, takeout and television. We've done so much, and yet, I feel like we still have so much left to do. There are still so many things on our Dating Spreadsheet and so many films on our To Watch Googledoc. Here's to another year. Let's travel someplace neither of us has been, and pick a new food group to become obsessed with.

XO, 'Bou.

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