14 February 2014

This Weekend

Adorable Valentine's Display at Unison

Another week is over, and another weekend has arrived! I anticipate a fairly lazy weekend, but who knows if I'll be inspired to bake something challenging or hang some more art in my room and apartment? We shall see.

- Tonight Andrew and I are staying in for V-day. We have steaks marinating in the fridge (I am a control freak boss bitch who likes her meat properly marinated). We're also going to whip up a parsnip and potato mash, and roast these mushrooms. For dessert, Nutella banana bread with vanilla bean ice cream. 
- Tomorrow morning, we are waking up at 6:30 in the morning for brunch, bloodies, and the US vs. Russia hockey match. I am only agreeing to this for the couch/bed fort we will be making and the Bloody Mary I will be drinking. Also, bacon?
- Tomorrow afternoon, we are having an early dinner at Raw Bar (hello endorphin releasing oysters, get in my belly), followed by an evening of viewing amateur pornography with Dan Savage at the Music Box's Hump Tour screening. The night will probably end with us eating burritos in bed, cuz YOLO. 
- Sunday, baking this spinach strata and meeting friends for a pot luck brunch
- Making a pot of something followed by dinner with my family.

Do you have any awesome V-day plans? Do you prefer to stay in or go out? Are presents exchanged? Do you spend it with your friends or with a loved one? Do you absolutely hate it, or sort of love it?


  1. Sounds like you have a fantastic weekend planned! My boyfriend and I are also going to Hump tomorrow. I’m a big fan of Dan Savage and have wanted to go to Hump for years.
    Have a great Valentine’s Day!


    1. How fun that we are going to the same event! Maybe I will bump into you!!

      Happy Valentine's to you as well :)