21 February 2014

This Weekend

This week has been fairly quiet as far as work and socializing goes. I feel like the weather and I have collectively taken a deep breath, and things are finely calming down around here. I'm sure I'm speaking way too soon, and that things will totally become chaotic (and freezing) in the next week or so, but I'm definitely enjoying quiet moments like walking through melted snow puddles, reenacting our first date, chomping on wings and sipping Micheladas, going to bed early, packing my lunch, forever climbing the elliptical at the gym. This weekend holds so much potential, so much promise.

- Tonight Andrew and I are making this chicken pot pie and celebrating our one year with maybe a movie or Twin Peaks...
- Tomorrow I'll be in the West Loop. I'm attending the Kendell Geers and Rhoda Rosen artist talk at UIC, as well as visiting Gallery 400 and the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum. But I also intend on spending a meditative minute in the Turrell Skyspace on the UIC campus, followed by a trip to the Athenian Candle Co. for some good luck charms, checking out the Jose Lerma show at Kavi Gupta, and maybe even a Chicago Style Hot Dog at Carm's.
- Dinner at Ed's Pot Sticker House in Bridgeport.
- Tomorrow night I'll be at Township thrashing to Between Brains.
- Sunday is the best because it involves nothing. I hope to do some laundry, make a pot of something, and stretch that canvas I've been saying I would stretch for ages... Also maybe hanging more art on my walls. We shall see, the day is pregnant with possibility.

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