28 February 2014

This Weekend

Cheers to the freakin' weekend! This week wasn't too much of a beast to get through, but I am not complaining about having the next two days to eat popcorn, watch movies, fan girl over Wes Anderson, and maybe even finish putting my laundry away... now there's a thought!

- Tonight Andrew and I are going for BBQ and then headed to the Music Box for the screenings of Bottle Rocket and Rushmore (Viva Wes Anderson!)
- Tomorrow we will be spending much of the day on the Northside (waddup Southport Corridor!) before getting in line for the VIP pre-screening of The Grand Budapest Hotel with a Q&A featuring... WES ANDERSON! Hopefully we will have some time to stop by Julius Meinl for a cookie and coffee, as well as check out some of the boutiques in the neighborhood or grab a pint of Magner's at the cute Irish pub next door.
- Sunday, aside from watching the Oscars, we are doing lamb stew dinner at my Dad's and I will be making a crisp with peaches and blueberries from Michigan this summer (take that you terrible terrible winter!)
- Putting the next layer of gesso on my blank canvas
- More True Detective, y'all!


  1. countin' down the days until this movie comes out :D x

  2. SOOOO jealous. 5 more days here in London!! hahaha

  3. I'm so jealous you're getting to see it!!!!! Its coming out the day after my bday/party so I'm hoping the hungover stragglers will go see it with me haha.
    Also, that crisp sounds like magic. YUM.

    1. You must go!!! It was such an incredible experience. I have seen ALL but one of his films on the big screen, and the spectacle of seeing this in a theater does not disappoint. Let me know what you think! And happy almost birthday!