21 March 2014

Islands at SPACE

Islands at SPACE

On Monday night I saw danced my butt off to Islands at SPACE in Evanston, and all I really have to say is this: white patent leather slippers are adorable on men, and every single person in Islands has a celebrity look-alike. I am convinced. Islands is comprised of Johnny Cash, Wes Anderson, Cillian Murphy, and Hamish Linklater. There. I said it. Other than that, we were remarkably close, the band sounded amazing, and they played Swans which blew my mind because it's super ballsy to play a song that is over nine minutes long, and the intro track to your freshman album. Either way, it was amazing. Also, SPACE rules. It reminded me (in terms of vibez) of Lincoln Hall. Only they had really beautiful, delicious, moderately-priced, expertly-made cocktails, which might be why I have little to say with words and just remember having a very good time. 

Anyways, I'm not much by way of words this morning... I should probably go get a cup of coffee! What this show did remind me is how much I like seeing live music! It's such a treat to have a group of talented folks get up and play songs for you, and even a bigger treat to partake in the tunes in the company of people you enjoy being with. Which is why I am posting an open invite for anyone in the Chicago-area / blogosphere to attend some of the FREE music programming over at Comfort Station next month. Let me know if you are interested, because FREE MUSIC.

Also... speaking of Lincoln Hall, Angel Olsen is playing on Sunday, May 4th. Moriah and I already have tickets, but all of you folks who like tunes and live in the city should join us. We can swing and sway our way into Monday like a big weekend ship fueled by guitar riffs and pretty melodies.

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