14 March 2014

This Weekend // Happy Pi Day

Happy Pi Day y'all! Pi Day is one of my all-time-favorite fake holidays because it plays on the vulnerability of math nerds and pie lovers respectively. I didn't learn of Pi Day until my senior year in high school, when my very wonderful math teacher (who was very tough on me, but loved me), told me that Pi Day is real, and that it must be celebrated both in and out of class. Any small effort to make me embrace math through my love of sweets and baked goods is a-okay in my book. Thus, I try to celebrate annually.  I preordered a key lime pie from Bang! Bang! Pie Shop earlier this week, and picked it up this morning. On the train, I almost wanted to have a tag on my coat that said "Baby on Board" because pie is real. Real important.

Next year's Pi Day will be on 3.1415 - so gear up, it's going to be one for the scrapbooks.

This weekend is going to be chill, by the way. I have almost zero plans, and I fully intend to use that time only semi-constructively.

- Tomorrow I'll be continuing my photography archival internship (read below).
- Tomorrow night is my friend Anthony's birthday party, and I will know a handful of people there from the Chicago art world. Must look fabulous, must think of things to talk about other than True Detective.
- I had delicious $5 martinis on Wednesday after work, and now I have decided martinis are my thing. I want to perfect the art of martinis (Putting the art in martini? Anyone? Bueller?), beginning with stocking up on blue cheese olives, vodka, and vermouth. Gonna put my workin'-out arm strength to the test. Then drink it up.
- I want to dust my room and clean my windows. Spring cleaning? Something like it.
- More reading about French food and French eating
- Never-ending piles of laundry
- Nick and I want to come up with some spring lqqks (I had to Google lqqk, btw). Basically we will be drinkin' martinis and airing out / ironing our chambray. Did someone say fashion show?

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