28 March 2014

This Weekend

The way my heart greets the weekend via Crushable.com
Is it just me or has this week dragged on for what feels like an eternity? Even though I didn't have plans most of this week, I still felt crazed and busy. And guess what, this weekend will probably be crazed and busy too. But good crazed and busy, I swear it.

- Tonight, I am off to hell on earth Navy Pier to pick up racing packets for the Shamrock Shuffle on Sunday. Green is my power color and all, but I am secretly super stressed about this race. What is wrong with me guys?
- Tomorrow I'll be continuing to archive Herb Nolan's photography collection. Last week we spent the entire day listening to the Velvet Underground discography while working, and everything was right with the world.
- After archiving Herb's collection, I'm helping my family out with some family things. Sorry for the vague-ness, but a girl's gotta be vague sometimes.
- Tomorrow night I'm attending Learning By Doing at the Farm, which is part film screening, part academic talk, part book release party, and one of the folks who wrote the book is an alumna of the Knox College art history program. Holla!
- Sunday, I'll be eating oatmeal, a banana, a yogurt, and then trying not to throw it all up while speedwalking the Shamrock Shuffle.
- Following, I want beer. And a corndog. In no particular order.
- Also, homegirl needs a haircut. So I'm getting my haircut.
- Oh and wearing this lip color every day from now until forever, including going to the liquor store to buy more delicious martini juice.

But seriously, it's cool if I wear this during the race on Sunday, right?

Obsessed with my new NARS lip pencil. It's cool if I wear this during the Shamrock Shuffle right?


  1. How did the race go??? I bet you were great. The weather was perfect too. I really wish I could have done that one. Let's do the Zoo Race??

    1. It went well, though my body is very sore today! That's the longest I've ever run! I sprinted through the finish, which felt really amazing. And I shaved time off of my mile-pace from the 5K we did in November! What's the Zoo Race??? WOOHOO

    2. Also, I totally had to pee mid-race! So I had to stop to portopotty! I bet my time would have been under an hour had I not stopped...