14 March 2014

Top Six Picks: February 2014

We're halfway through March, and I'm just now reflecting on some of my favorite things from February, typical. February was brutally cold, which means I didn't go out too much or do too many things. I'm also trying to save a little money for future things, so most of the stuff I like to do/consume are things I can do on the cheap while involve staying indoors. Thanks winter, you keep me in check.

Angel Olsen // Burn Your Fire for No Witness
I had the opportunity to see Angel Olsen this summer at Pitchfork, but obviously I didn't go because I didn't know who she was, or care to know who she was. Then I "discovered" her this past fall, after sort of meeting her and not knowing who she was, and falling into the trap of Spotify self-discovery. And here we are, months later, me counting the weeks until I can see AO at Lincoln Hall, listening to both of her LPs on repeat, and going dough-eyed over every interview, article, and photograph of her. She has such a great set of pipes, and a real sense of what sounds good. Love you, Angel.

Chewing the Fat Podcast
As part of the adventure I call Carving Out My Space, I've started building up my podcast library. You know, stuff to listen to on commutes, car trips, and while doing data entry at work. Podcasts are a slippery slope, I already have five shows I listen to weekly (This American Life, Filmspotting, Chewing the Fat, Who Charted, and Nerdette), and I know that list is probably going to grow exponentially. I just love podcasts. Such an interesting and relatively inexpensive way to share information! Chewing the Fat is no exception. Two Chicago-based food-nerds/foodists (Louisa Chu and Monica Eng) discussing their favorite dumplings and strange food trends. I end every episode craving whatever they were talking about re: dumplings. You all should probably check this show out.

Taco Night
Andrew and I have started to get into the habit of cooking/eating the same things weekly. We cycle through chicken piccata, pizza night, Thai food takeout, Parson's, and taco night. Taco night might be my favorite because it's the cheapest, makes an absurd amount of food, is easy to do vegetarian style, yields unlimited leftovers (hey lunch!), and is fun. Just plain fun. Is it as good as Big Star? No, not really. But we are so good at taco night, that we can have everything chopped, cooked, and ready for buffet style serving in under 30 minutes, go us!
Image via Daily Republic
Beck // Morning Phase
I am now entering the chapter of my life where I am actively seeking out new tunes. All suggestions are welcome. In addition to the new Angel Olsen album, Beck released his much anticipated Morning Phase, and I am OBSESSED. I am one of the few people who goes nuts over his slow-string-heavy music, Sea Change is my favorite Beck album, go figure. I should probably just listen to his dad's music, and call it a day. Morning Phase has been called a follow-up to Sea Change, so naturally I'm swooning. I will be seeing Sir Beck at Pitchfork this summer, hurry up July! Also, Beck's hat is cute. Much cuter than Pharrell's.
Image via Rolling Stone
True Detective
This show was nothing short of perfect. I definitely got wrapped up in the conspiracy theorizing leading up to Sunday's finale, and was slightly disappointed that not everything was clearly explained. But hi, this show is amazing. All of it, every second, I just loved it. Thank god for television. Thank god for HBO. Now go watch it, listen to the theme song on repeat (like I do when I'm not listening to Beck and Angel Olsen and podcasts), and come up with your own weird theories.

Rapo's Chicken Pot Pie
For our one-year-anniversary, Andrew and I stayed in to watch a movie and made devoured this chicken pot pie recipe I found in last month's Bon Appetit. It was pretty easy to make, made the whole house smell amazing, and yielded all of the leftovers. Was it healthy? No. Was it delicious? YES. If you have a hankering for pot pie, make this. We subbed in mushrooms for the baby onions, and I poured some beer in for good measure.
Image via Bon Appetit


  1. What a great list! Taco night and True Detective sound like something I could get into. I am a history nerd, so I've been listening to "A History of Rome." It's really fascinating and there are about 72 hours of podcast.


    1. Taco night and pizza night are pretty much the easiest most delicious nights of the week. I might try to institute "Salad Night" just to keep our tummies in check. Thanks for suggesting that podcast... sounds perfect for a cross-country roadtrip!