17 March 2014

Weekend Reflection

Turkey bacon cooked in coconut oil, is there anything better? 
This weekend was glorious, in that I only spent a tiny portion of it outside. Reclusive cat lady status coming at you - only, I don't have a cat. I successfully avoided all public-drunken-chaos that is Saint Patrick's Day in Chicago, by merely avoiding all party neighborhoods, cooking for myself, and hunkering down for a weekend of therapeutic deep cleaning. In between interning and drinking my new favorite drink, a perfectly chilled extra dirty homemade martini, I managed to invent a breakfast that could become my new staple. I call is veggie hash, and it was comprised of what I had on hand: brussel sprouts, mushrooms, shallots, garlic, grape tomatoes, turkey bacon, and eggs. I sauteed the veggies in turkey bacon fat, then cracked a few eggs on top of the hash and put into the oven to bake. Added a bit of cheese to the top, served up with turkey bacon, avocado, and whole wheat bread. The entire meal made the apartment smell divine - like pure breakfast. I liked this dish so much, I even packed it up as leftovers for lunch!

This is what happens when you accidentally spend $21 on a martini in a hotel bar. You vow to never ever make that dumb mistake again, and perfect your own at-home martini. Also, you feel effing cool doing it.
In addition to making a delicious leisurely breakfast, I made 22 cups of amber colored vegetable broth, fixed a majority of my clothes that needed fixing, taught myself how to perfect a martini, dusted my bedroom, watched two movies, did all of my laundry, and ironed every piece of clothing that needed ironing. Was I social? Not really. But my bedroom is so dang sparkly and lovely that I don't really care about being a reclusive dusting maven.

This is what my "home office" looked like this weekend. I spent an absurd amount of time in my bed. And could you blame me? Look at all of that beautiful warm western light!

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