22 April 2014

An Ode to Spring


We pulled out my new picnic blanket, ate bagel sandwiches on the boulevard, sipped cool iced coffee and coconut water, you napped as I read. We played bocce ball, felt the sun on our backs, the grass on our feet, and in unison with open arms we welcomed our dear friend spring. I read while you played, trying tricks on your new skateboard, me always watching you out of the corner of my eye. Then after we walked home our palms too sweaty to hold hands, stopping only for Italian ice. I spooned mine in while you befriended the dogs and neighborhood cyclists. Coconut and mango. At home I cleaned the kitchen and went about my weekly Sunday routine of whipping up a dinner fit for kings, juggling laundry and other odd tasks, but this time the windows were wide open, and a breeze kept me company. A leisurely martini, a bowl full of artichoke leaves, us watching Mad Men on the couch, as our skin stuck to the leather, a pain we hadn't known we'd actually missed until we pried ourselves free and tumbled lazily into bed.

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