30 April 2014

Baby's First Zipcar

You guys, I have something slightly stupid to admit. Back in the fall, I insisted on signing up for a Zipcar membership because in my mind, it was the perfect solution to my non-car having self. Shelling out the initial monetary funds ($60) to open my membership was no big deal, because after cranking the numbers, it was SUCH  a deal. But a car-sharing program only works if you actually share said cars, right? After a month or two of not using my account, I removed my Zipcard from my wallet, placed it in my "card box" and wiped my hands clean of the free-wheeling independent car-sharing woman I had envisioned myself to be.

Here I am, thinking I look so cool behind the wheel.
In truth, I didn't use my membership because I have terrible car anxiety. I have never owned a car, always shared one with members of my family. I have been in minor car accidents (let's be real, no one is perfect), and yes, once I even totaled the family car. Accidents, along with my other weirdnesses have left me a less than confident driver, and the idea of borrowing a car that is unfamiliar freaks me out. Besides, why drive when there's plenty of public transit to get me around, Uber is my new best friend, and cars are killing the planet?? As a result of all of my Woody Allen-esque neurosis, I would up shelling out money for a membership to a car-sharing program I would never use.

This is the massive car I would one day total. Sorry siblings, I'm the worst.
Fast forward to yesterday, when I needed to pick up two generously gifted free (gently loved) AC units from Wicker Park, sans car. A little voice told me today is the day. I coordinated a pickup time with the lovely Kelsey, confirmed that a body could help with the heavy lifting (thanks Nick!), and after watching the super funny informative Zipcar training videos online, I booked a two-hour slot on my Zipcar mobile app. Yeah, I had an app on my phone I also wasn't using. Guilty as charged.

Extra sorry for putting shared car keys in my mouth at age 17.
Apologies again to my siblings.
Picking up the car was insanely easy. It was weird how instantly I went from a car-less nervous wreck to a confident independent mobile lady moving air conditioning units around the city like it was no big deal. And driving an unfamiliar car was made a little easier with Zipcar emailing me tips/tricks/and hints about the vehicle in question to help ease my anxiety. In total, I spent $23 on a two hour slot, for what amounted to saving big-time on the price of purchasing a cooling system for our adorable but less-than-modern apartment. Oh, and there was even time to stop at Target... it's official, I am a joyriding fiend.

In short, if you are without a car and living in a city, I highly recommend trying a car-sharing program. It was such a good solution for a lil lady like me who only needs access to a car once in a blue moon (Ikea, I see you girl).

Please note: This post is composed of my opinions and is in no way affiliated with Zipcar. I just really enjoyed my experience using their service and want to share it with the other Woody Allen's (behind the wheel) of the world.

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