01 April 2014

Has Spring Sprung?


Yesterday something enchanting happened. It was in the low-60's. It was sunny. The breeze that blew didn't hurt my face, and at lunch, I basked in the warm rays. I donned my Ray Bans, I peeled off my coat, and I walked west along the river for what felt like hours. It was unbelievable how rejuvenating the warmth of the sun felt, even in the small span of an hour.  My cheeks were tingling, my freshly shorn head felt the warm breeze upon it no longer feeling over-exposed by the winter chill. And then in the evening, after work, a light drizzle descended upon the city, releasing that fresh o-zone smell we forgot we knew we loved, and then we loved it again for the first time in months. Fresh drizzle, fresh rain, freshness at the core. I forgot what all of these sensations felt like, but yesterday was so special and rare that I basked in it at every moment I could. We even stopped at the newly re-opened Tastee Freeze to share a twisted cone, because it was finally warm enough to eat soft serve. Pure magic. I have a feeling it's going to be a lovely spring.

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