04 April 2014

This Weekend

Cheers to the freakin' weekend via Rebloggy
You guys, it's the weekend. Well, it's almost the weekend. And I spilled coffee into my keyboard because it's just been one of those weeks, ya know? It's like coffee, get in my mouth, not in my keyboard. Anyways, this week has been weird and rainy and cold, and I feel a little bit like I haven't gotten enough sleep and that the errands and paperwork that have been piling up are all I spend my time doing. Which is why this weekend is going to be leisurely as hell.

- Tonight Ben and I are going to the UIC School of Architecture for what I have interpreted to be a magazine launch party. Ben and I don't really know what it is that we are attending, I'm holding out for wine, snacks, and fashionable people.
- Tomorrow, the saga of the photography archival project continues!
- Then lunch with Trevor and his fiance Rosalyn whom I've yet to meet! Perks: catching up, new friends and old friends, and dining in Logan Square!
- Will you judge me if I stay in tomorrow night? Wearing this, and only this.
- Sunday is a BIG day. As in we are going to see Finding Vivian Maier at the Landmark. I feel like I heard about this documentary years ago when they first publicized the discovery of her treasure trove of photographs and negatives. And now it's playing in Chicago, where much of the story takes place. Can I get an amen?
- We will be dining at Frances' Deli, and I'm already debating if I will order the BLT or the open faced meatloaf sandwich. A milkshake will also be in order.
- After the movie, we are hitting up Lincoln Park Zoo and then headed to ASSSCAT for dinner comedy.

Pretty packed with fun things. Now if only the weather would cooperate...

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