18 April 2014

This Weekend

Bon weekend! This week dragged by in its own way, it feels like Monday night's Passover seder was two weeks ago. Between unpacking, party prep, and menu planning, it feels like my personal life has taken on a job-like manner that I don't dislike. Ask me to make the grocer list, and I'll organize it by the section the food item is located in the store. Ask me to plan an itinerary,  I'll send you the GoogleDoc spreadsheet shortly. 

This weekend is going to be busy, but labor of love busy.

- Back to interning with Herb and Mary! I'm really looking forward to continuing their travel photographs. Such adventures they've been on!
- Tonight and tomorrow, Nick and I will be whipping up hors d'oeurvres, cleaning the apartment, and getting ready for our birthday shindig. The menu is pretty much Mad Men era inspired, asparagus-stuffed deviled eggs, strawberry and pea shoot crostini, crab/avocado/mango salad in wanton bowls, roasted garlic guacamole, lemony feta dip, macaroons, bacon wrapped dates, and of course... a birthday cake! Washed down with Pimm's Cup! I am excited to showcase my new egg platter, seriously. 1960's wifey status.
- Sunday, Andrew and I are toying with the idea of attending the Logan Square adult Easter Egg hunt. I might need to stay in bed with The Goldfinch though...

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