25 April 2014

This Weekend

Nick and I blowing out our collective birthday candles at last week's party we threw
Photograph c/o Andrew
With "birthday month" coming to a close, I am looking forward to a weekend with just the right balance of running around and lazing about. This week has been one of those exhausting ones, you know what I'm talking about? Moving furniture, feminist dance parties with performance art, a lecture at the Art Institute, BBQ from Green Street, having said BBQ flossed from my teeth at the dentist, all of it powered by quinoa and kale.  Anyways, what I'm trying to say is my hours being a domestic goddess last weekend sort of failed me because the laundry I did with such care is currently jumbled in a pile on my couch. God grant me the strength to put away this laundry. 

Besides finishing my laundry, here's what I'll be getting into this weekend:

- A series of art openings in the 845 W. Washington building (Western Exhibitions, Document, Paris London Hong Kong), potentially followed by a visit to the Sullivan Galleries for the SAIC MFA show
- Making a big pot of spring asparagus soup with a loaf of crusty bread
- Finishing the travel photos, then moving on the the friends/family/misc. photos at Herb and Mary's
- Grabbing Italian beefs with Andrew's parents
- Putting that godforsaken laundry away
- Reading the Goldfinch
- Potentially attending the free Owls show in Pilsen then venturing off for pot stickers

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