13 May 2014

Make: 12

Yesterday night, Andrew and I attended the Road to Oddball Tour at UP Comedy Club. I was sort of nervous, because the crowd-working walking nervous breakdown Brody Stevens (Enjoy it!) was headlining the set. But it was worth it to see my favorite podcaster, Howard Kremer (aka Dragon Boy Suede) of Who Charted perform his own strange breed of standup. It was a bizarre experience being ten feet from a person I only know through his voice and strange sense of humor, to see his mannerisms, the way he carries himself, how nervous he was onstage. I just wanted to run up there and tell him, it's okay, you're doing great!

Also, a detail I noticed from Brody walking around the crowd, was that his watch was not set to Central time. It's one of those things, like knowing if a person is the type to change their watch when they travel... it made me form a picture of what the "private" Brody Stevens is like, something I could only think about by reading his watch and noticing it hadn't been set to match our time zone.

Either way, last night's make was Making 'em Laugh, and laugh we did!

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