14 May 2014

Make: 13


Yesterday I sat down and began to build a budget for the next year. With some upcoming "life changes" I'll need to be a little more careful with my precious dollars, every dollar spent will have to be thought out. I made a new rule for myself when I am thinking of buying a new thing / spending money. It involves asking a series of questions and making a decision before I make a purchase. Is it a want or a need? Can I live without it? Do I already have something similar to it? Why am I thinking of buying this thing? Can I make it myself (I see you brunch). And after I went through this thought process, I decided I'm going to take an extended break from purchasing concert tickets. But that doesn't mean I can't attend shows I've already purchased tickets for ;)

After my want vs. need debate and mantra creation, I attended the Neko Case and Dodos concert at the Chicago Theatre, reminding myself that this experience was a treat. It's something I've been looking forward to for months, featuring one of my favorite bands (The Dodos), with Neko Case, a performer I admire and have wanted to see live for some time. Reminding myself that this was a treat, something to relish and enjoy through and through made it okay that this will be the last big show I buy tickets to for a long while. Building the sorts of habits that involve saving money might mean that I miss out on a thing or two (beware of FOMO), but in the long run, it will be for the best. I might make an exception for a show that is less than $10, but in all honestly free summer concert season is right around the corner, so my FOMO might be at bay.

My make for the day was making the Dodos with Neko Case concert a treat, as well as laying the foundation for next year's budget. Rome Being a grown up wasn't built in a day, so baby steps.

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