16 May 2014

Make: 15


Now might be the appropriate time to acknowledge that most of my monthly makes have involved cooking and baking. What can I say, I like to cook. But I feel like the last two weeks of "making" have left me mindful of how I spend my free time. Am I being productive? Do I have something to show for myself at the end of the day? And this shift in making myself do more things has meant I'm actually eating better, and eating diversely. I'm forming this new schedule that revolves around really forcing myself to cook more of my meals - I'm actually beginning to loathe having to pick up lunch during the work week, and I've been getting really good at not having to spend money on lunches!

But dinner is tricky. I have plenty of post-work engagements to work with. Lately I've been structuring my evening around a home cooked meal, and I've found that this shift in habits had been incredibly grounding. It's keeping me close to the hearth (or oven, whatever), keeping me aware of what's in my fridge and pantry, and even making me a bit creative with what I'm whipping up. Last night, I made two pizzas with some things I'd picked up at TJ's. Herb dough, thinly sliced pears, Gorgonzola cheese, and shredded prosciutto leftover from my meal the night before. It took about 20 minutes to make, and now I have lunch and dinner for the next two days. Easy peasy, and totally delicious!


  1. What type of dough do you use? I always love making pizza, but it takes hours waiting for the dough to rise.

    1. I used the pre-made Trader Joe's kind! It was like two bucks, and I had it on hand already. I think Mark Bittman has a pretty easy one that doesn't have a long rise time... But you can always make dough in advance and keep it in the freezer / defrost in the morning.