19 May 2014

Make: 16, 17, 18

Between Friday evening and Sunday morning, I was a total sloth. I mean, I did things. I watched a documentary that has been in my Netflix queue for a year, and I at leftover pizza, and a slept a lot. I was also back at my internship, and I managed to squeeze some reading in - but for the most part, I was a lazy gal. And it was glorious. So technically, I didn't make anything on Friday or Saturday (unless you count making a biscuit from Bang Bang Pie disappear, then I did make something). 

But Sunday, Sunday I made up for it. I cleaned the kitchen, and finally hung up the Warhol prints I love and cherish. I made pickles (they'll be ready in a week), and I even managed to cram in some crafting hosted at Rose's place. I had lofty goals of making clay beads similar to Kate Miss, but they were a complete disaster. I managed to keep my hands busy, and walked out with a floral crown - which prompted me to make a floral crown "area" in my room. Not too shabby!

Untitled Fridge pickles Untitled Untitled

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