20 May 2014

Make: 19


You guys, the hot water heater in my building is not working and it wasn't until last night, midway through making chicken picatta that I figured out we were sans hot water. I began to have a mini-meltdown (the same time my butter was melting on my mushrooms, ha!), not my finest moment. But then I got semi-zen when I realized a day or two without hot water is not the end of the world. It was "like camping" I told myself. I will say that it threw a wrench into my plans for washing dishes after dinner, but dinner was great, and we are now officially caught up on Mad Men. Yeah, it was a very productive evening. And by very, I mean minimally (fell-asleep-at-10-pm) productive.

But that doesn't mean I didn't accomplish anything yesterday! I managed to squeeze a trip to Targ├ęt in over my lunch break, during which I successfully grabbed the goods to make what I think will be a heartwarming birthday gift for my padre. Happy early birthday Pops! And I only managed to impulse buy Twizzlers and shoelaces. All in all, a good productive trip, followed by a not productive evening. Now on to figuring out my little brother's birthday present... ah the blessing of family members who share birthdays.


Bonus make: I made this necklace out of a leather shoelace and beads I crafted at Rose's on Sunday!

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