22 May 2014

Make: 21

A beautiful moment from Step Brothers via Mashable.com

Yesterday wasn't physically productive. I put a letter in the mail that had been plaguing me with guilt for the last week, I went to work, and I finished Slouching Towards Bethlehem (the essay not the book). I also discovered I might actually like a death metal band, so it was a big day for me. But what I think was the most memorable thing about yesterday was that I made two new friends! Rose invited me to attend an open studio event in the Fulton Market loft that shares a home with my beloved Unison warehouse, and I leapt at the opportunity, cuz why not? Our experience of getting to the actual studio space was harrowing, to say the least. We got into a bus accident, we wandered through an under-bridge shanty area, we walked around an entire industrial warehouse, and passed through a gaggle of male models, determined to find the show (and chilled white wine, always with the chilled white wine). Along the way, we picked up a new friend, and I was introduced to Rose's friend Tori.

So to sum up last night in numbers:

1 bus accident
1 disgruntled cab driver
1 glass of chilled white wine
1 fluffy dog
2 new friends

Even if I couldn't tell you in detail what I thought of the show, I had fun along the way. We always need more adventures guys, lots more adventures.

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