23 May 2014

Make: 22


Yesterday was pretty sweet. I successfully survived not having hot water in my apartment for four days (go me, bring it on camping!). I powered through my workout with my personal trainer, Mike D, managing to get the hang of backwards lunges and swinging a kettlebell over my head. Andrew and I went on one of our silliest dates yet, eating dinner at a "diet restaurant" (Seasons 52) where every entree is 475 calories or less. We both left hungry, very tipsy on white wine, laughing about how stupid this restaurant was into our Nutella filled crepe at Eataly across the street. Spoiler alert: I wound up eating Annie's mac n' cheese in bed at midnight because I was so hungry.

After our paltry dinner, I hopped on the 66 bus, and he rode his bicycle next to me frantically waving and grinning. It was heart-meltingly-cute. We ended up at the Empty Bottle to empty more bottles (of the beer variety this time), while I nervously geeked out over Cousins, and Andrew reminded me of how "uncool" I really am. After bumping and bouncing to Cousins, loving every second of their female drummer, I went home hungry yet satisfied to be rewarded by hot water, my bed, mac n' cheese, and Parks and Rec. Sweet sweet night.

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