28 May 2014

Make: 27

Last night I crossed another "to-try" off of my extraordinary Meals and Recipes Googledoc. Lentil and chickpea veggie burgers with bright green harissa sauce, topped with fresh tomato and cucumbers. I feel like lately, all I want to eat is raw fruits and veggies, grilled fruits and veggies, and more vegetarian based dishes. I've been experimenting with making dips, and also playing with the food processor to speed up my routine in the kitchen. It's been pretty fun. Making dressings, dips, meatballs, veggie and meat burgers in a food processor might be my new go-to thing. 

Also, is it totally cray that I have a Googledoc to track recipes I want to try / have tried? I feel like I'm constantly bookmarking recipes from the Kitchn and various blogs, now I have them all neatly organized in one place. It's weird and awesome.

Tonight I plan on making Hattie B's coleslaw and pickled red onions to toss with my veggie burger and harissa tomorrow. YUM!

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