29 May 2014

Make: 28

My new tooth :) 
Ahhhhhhh, you guys, I have a new tooth. Well sort of. After my dentist appointment last month (hay-o cavity free!), I was alerted to three teeth that have antiquated fillings in them - one of which was over a decade old. If you know me intimately, I've opened my mouth to show you my hardware. Between the absurd amount of silver, the permanent retainer, and my gum graft scar, you'd probably be grossed out by my entire mouth situation. I have a Franken-mouth. First of all, shout out to my poor poor parents for supporting my terrible teeth and fear of dentists. Y'all I have made it far. Spending plenty of my childhood in the dental chair has left me with a new found appreciation for impeccable dental hygiene and the importance of taking care of your pearly whites early on. Halfway through my procedure yesterday, I found myself thinking, I will probably be plagued with dental issues my entire life, if only I had taken better care of my teeth all of those years ago! 

That said, holy molar!* I had a fracture line on one of my molars from a very old metal filling, and to correct it, the dentist had to carve out most of my tooth and replace it with a composite made of porcelain. He photographed the contours of my tooth, then used a computer program to create a 3-dimensional diagram of my tooth, which was then carved by a machine. While I was numb and waiting, he took me to the back room to see my tooth being made, and though it wasn't quite a Bernini, it was still incredible. I had no idea that I could have a new tooth made my a computer and a machine in a matter of minutes, how amazing is that??

If y'all are looking for a dentist in the city of Chicago, let me know. Mine is right on the Mag Mile, perfect for post-dental treat yoself shopping.

*Phrase stolen from Andrew.

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