05 May 2014

Make: 3

Saturday was a leisurely day, I mainly made breakfast, picked out a new pair of frames, read, ate burritos, and slept. My makes were molletes and fried eggs for breakfast in bed, and being excruciatingly decisive about the frames I settled on. Mat black titanium, big, bold, simple, beautiful.

Molletes are a wonderful way to use veering-on-stale bread without turning to sickly sweet French toast. They satisfy a need for breakfast, while being totally filling and delicious. We used to eat them growing up, I remember mornings in California visiting cousins and grandparents, awaking to bean-slathered molletes crisped and warmed in the oven. My take on these was a thin layer of bacon fat spread on bread, topped with refried beans, sliced tomatoes, sliced cheddar, melted to perfection in the oven, and topped with salsa verde. Easy, crunchy, and wonderful to eat!


I went for my annual check-up at Village Eye Care in Little Italy. My eyes look good, and the doctor even told me I look good! I was able to humble brag about all of the working out I've been doing and the un-Sandy-like races I've completed. It was pretty amazing. I tried upwards of 20 pairs, but this was the first pair I gravitated towards. They were a bit of a splurge, but I adore them.


  1. you always have great glasses, but i LOVE these!

    1. Full disclosure: Ben Scott has a very similar pair by the same brand! His are a gorgeous blue metal, I opted for black. They remind me of Daniel Clowes' cartoon characters who wear glasses!