06 May 2014

Make: 5


Andrew and I possess one of the dumbest bad habits. We get into the "let's do chores" mindset, knocking out dishes, laundry, bed-making, feeling super accomplished. But when it comes to putting the laundry away, we are completely terrible at follow-through. Baskets of clean clothes begin to mingle with the dirty, the couch in my bedroom doubles as a dumping ground for bags, mail, laundry, etc. and in the end, I feel like a hot mess every morning when I awake to the view of the things I own jumbled in a nasty heap. 

Two days ago I awoke with this overwhelming feeling that I own too many things. That I need to just let go, get rid of the old. In an effort to begin the sorting process, I was resolute to clean up my laundry and get it put away. It didn't even take that long... maybe I just need to break this bad habit once and for all? Then tackle the "stuff" I am bound to?

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