07 May 2014

Make: 6


Yesterday was busy! Between playing catch-up from feeling under the weather on Monday, being firmly entrenched in the final part of The Goldfinch, and squeezing in an impromptu workout with my trainer, I felt as though I was running three days behind schedule with my gas light on empty. Shortly before I hit the gym, I came down with an unreal craving for spaghetti and meatballs. This craving turned into me day dreaming about the kitchen scenes from Big Night and Goodfellas, bringing me fondly back to my time eating delicious homemade polpette in Italia while studying abroad, acting as my one true motivator to get me through a particularly intense workout (squat jumps be damned!).

Resolute to feed myself homemade meatballs, I trekked to TJ's after the gym with barely a recipe in mind. Just give me all of the ground sirloin, please. I wound up throwing leftover kale, some nearly-done bread, and mushrooms into the food processor to keep the sirloin company. The meatballs were pretty good, though they needed more seasoning! And I baked them before adding them to the sauce to melt off a little of the fat. I'm hoping having them sit in the fridge overnight might have added a bit more juice to them, but let's just say this is a work in progress. Either way, eating spaghetti with meatballs at 10 PM on a Tuesday is pretty boss in my opinion. And now I have lunch for days.

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